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Content Creation at Gardening Mentor

The goal was to create a gardening website that teaches people to grow their own food using container gardening.

I created the website and published 500+ blog posts on it. I also outreached to journalists on HARO and Twitter to get quoted and build website authority.

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Creator at YouTube Channel

I create content for the YouTube channel at Kevin Rodrigues. The channel is about how to guides, tutorials, and reviews of essential software for small businesses and solopreneurs.

I have published 40+ YouTube videos on the relevant topics. I brainstorm the content ideas, create the content, edit the content with DaVinci Resolve, and upload to the YouTube channel. I created the YouTube titles and thumbnails in Canva.

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Design a Shopify Store for an outdoor brand

The client required to build a Shopify Store completely from scratch. He required to upload products along with the description. And collect/upload images from AliExpress. The client needed to purchase and set up the domain for the store. He also needed particular brand colors and logo to be used.

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