JumpStory: Stock Image Service I Use For My Websites

Images are a must for today’s web pages.

The problem is, it’s hard to click your own photos for every situation in your posts.

That’s where stock photos can help.

You can get a photo for virtually any need from a good stock photo service.

The problem is, well, they look like stock photos.

I found JumpStory on an AppSumo LTD offer. The selling point was that the pictures would look relatable and real.

What is JumpStory?

JumpStory is an image service where you can download images for using on your website, social media, newsletter, etc.

It’s similar to stock photo services like DepositPhotos, ShutterStock, and iStockPhoto.

What are the benefits of using JumpStory?

The main benefit is you get unlimited image downloads. And the images look a little more real compared to other stock image services.

They claim to have international image licenses for their images which means you’re protected from false copyright claims. So that’s something to look at if you’re paranoid about using images from free websites.

They have a search assistant that can help you in case you don’t find a particular image you’re searching. Though I’ve not found it very useful as it can take a few days. And the results were not great.

How much does JumpStory cost?

I got JumpStory PRO plan as an AppSumo LTD and I think it was worth the price I paid. I use it often for images on my websites

Now the service costs $276 annually for the SOLO plan. And $396 annually for the PRO plan.

How I use JumpStory for my websites?

I use images from JumpStory for featured images on my websites. Sometimes, I use their service to remove background from images such as profiles.

What I like about JumpStory?

I like that you get unlimited images with the service. The “real” feel to some of the images I use also works great for my websites.

I also like the background removal tool which works pretty good. I have used it for for my social media profile photos.

What I dislike about JumpStory?

Their image database is limited compared to other services. At least, for the purpose I wanted the images.

I tried their search assistant feature for images I could not find. It took a few days and the images were not what I wanted.

So I use JumpStory to first search images. If I don’t find them them I search on another service like DepositPhotos.

I need to use both services and can’t only rely on JumpStory for images on my websites.


I would recommend JumpStory if you need a lot of images for your business or website. So, if you’re freelancing websites or projects that need images, this can be useful. You can take advantage of the unlimited and real type of images.

If you just need a few images for your website or business, then there are other services like DepositPhotos where you purchase credits. So, it will be cheaper for you.

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