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How To Use Rank Math SEO Plugin On Your Website (2024)

You write content so people can find it on Google.

That’s why you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for your pages.

Rank Math SEO is a plugin that helps with some SEO for your WordPress website. It’s free to use for our needs. And easy to set up.

Let’s take a look.

What is Rank Math SEO?

Rank Math SEO is a WordPress plugin you can use for some SEO settings on your website.

You can optimize your pages for title, meta, snippet, URL, etc. You can build a sitemap to submit to Google Search Console. You can inspect how pages will appear in Google.

There are a ton of settings and options available in Rank Math. But we don’t need to use most of them. Especially, if we started our website.

How much does Rank Math SEO plugin cost?

Rank Math has paid versions with additional features as you can see above. But we don’t need to bother with those. The free version is sufficient for our website.

How to install Rank Math SEO on your website?

You’ll find Rank Math SEO plugin under the WordPress plugins database similar to installing any other plugin.

Go to the Add New Plugin section of WordPress. Search for “RankMath” and you’ll find the Rank Math SEO plugin. Install and activate the plugin.

How to set up RankMath SEO on your website?

Click the Skip Now on the Connect Free Account page. You don’t need that.

Select the Easy option and click on Start Wizard.

On the next page, enter details about your website:

  1. Website Name – Your website name.
  2. Person/Organization Name – Your name or your organization name.
  3. Logo for Google – Your website logo if you have one.

Click Save and Continue.

Now it will ask you to Connect Google Services like Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You can do this if you want otherwise click Skip Step.

Your Rank Math SEO setup is now complete. Click Return to dashboard.

How to use Rank Math SEO for your website?

When you create a new post, Rank Math SEO suggestions will show on the right side. You can make changes in the content based on these suggestions to improve SEO. It shows a SEO score that will improve based on the changes you make.

I mainly use the Edit Snippet button to update the Permalink and Description. It shows how the post link will appear in Google.


I recommend using Rank Math SEO as the SEO plugin for your WordPress website. It’s free, easy to set up and use. I use it for some of my websites.

You can get basic SEO improvements for your posts based on the suggestions it provides. You can consider upgrading if you want the enhanced features of Rank Math. There are tons of other features including AI features available.

I’ve never felt the need for them and continue using the free version.

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