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How To Install Kadence Blocks In WordPress (2024)

Gutenberg blocks are a game-changer in WordPress.

Earlier, you needed to use a page builder such as Thrive Architect or Elementor to build beautiful pages.

But they came at the cost of speed, complexity, and a steep learning curve.

Gutenberg blocks removed all those while providing the same benefits of a page builder.

Kadence blocks is a collection of Gutenberg blocks the Kadence team provides. I use it for all my websites and highly recommend it.

In this post, let’s look at how you can install Kadence blocks on your website.

Let’s begin.

Install Kadence Blocks plugin in WordPress

Login to the WordPress dashboard. Go to Plugins, Add New.

In the search box, search for “Kadence blocks”. Install the plugin named, “Gutenberg Blocks by Kadence Blocks”.

Click on Activate to enable the plugin on your website.

Now you’ll see the Kadence Blocks option on the left side of the WordPress dashboard. Click on that and you’ll see the list of free Kadence Gutenberg blocks you now have available.

List of available Kadence Blocks

Here’s the list with the description of each block you can use.

Row Layout

  • Create rows with nested blocks in columns or containers.
  • Style rows with background, overlay, padding, and more.


  • Design and customize contact or marketing forms within the block editor.

Advanced Gallery

  • Showcase photo galleries, carousels, and sliders.
  • Enable custom links, captions, and image sizes.

Advanced Button

  • Craft advanced buttons or button rows.
  • Customize each button, including hover effects, icons, and side-by-side display.

Lottie Animations

  • Add engaging Lottie animations to enhance your website.

Manage Lottie Animations

  • Choose from a selection of 1500+ SVG Icons.
  • Customize icon size, colors, background, border, and more.


  • Easily create dividers or add space within your content.

Advanced Text

  • Create headings or paragraphs.
  • Define sizes for desktop, tablet, and mobile, along with font family and colors.


  • Customize vertical or horizontal tabs with advanced styling.
  • Each tab can contain various blocks.

Info Box

  • Create boxes with icons, titles, descriptions, and learn more text.
  • Style static and hover states separately.


  • Craft beautiful accordions with customizable title styles, content background, and borders.
  • Each pane can contain other blocks.

Icon List

  • Enhance your lists with over 1500 icons.
  • Customize icon styles to make your lists more engaging.

Table of Contents

  • Provide easy content navigation with a table of contents.
  • Includes smooth scrolling to anchor links.


  • Display a clean grid of posts anywhere on your site, ideal for teasing your blog on the homepage.


  • Create a sense of urgency with countdown timers, including evergreen campaigns.


  • Showcase unique testimonials to build confidence in your brand or product.
  • Display them as a carousel or a grid.

How to use Kadence Blocks in your post

The Kadence Blocks are added to the list of Gutenberg blocks already available with WordPress. You can use the blocks when you create or edit a WordPress post or page.

There are two ways to use Gutenberg blocks in the WordPress editor.

  1. Type / and enter the name of the Gutenberg block. Then select the required block.

Click on the + icon to Add block. Select the Browse all button.

Now you can see all the available Gutenberg blocks, including the newly added Kadence blocks. Select anyone and it will be placed in the WordPress editor for your use.


I hope you have learned how to install Kadence blocks in your WordPress website. There’s a lot you can do with Kadence blocks to build good looking pages.

I will show you how to use them to create your Home, About, and Contact pages so your website appears professional.

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