How to install Breeze plugin

How To Install Free Breeze Caching Plugin (2024)

A fast website means better customer retention.

You don’t want your customers frustrated because the website takes ages to load.

I recommend using a caching plugin that will cache optimized pages and boost your website speed.

It helps your customers and it helps Google when crawling your pages.

Breeze is a free caching plugin I use on my websites to get the job done.

Let’s see how you can use Breeze for your websites.

What is Breeze?

Breeze is a free caching plugin by Cloudways that is simple to set up and use.

The main benefits of using Breeze on your website are:

  1. Caching of your pages that boosts speed.
  2. Database optimization.
  3. HTML/CSS/JS minification.
  4. Gzip compression.
  5. Lazy loading images and videos.

How to install Breeze on your website?

You can install Breeze from the WordPress plugin database you find in your WordPress Dashboard.

Search for the Breeze plugin. Install and activate it.

How to set up Breeze plugin for your website?

I would suggest the following basic settings so you get a boost in your website speed.

Go to the Breeze settings in your WordPress dashboard.

Under the Basic settings, enable the below:

  1. Cache System
  2. Gzip Compression
  3. Browser Cache
  4. Lazy Load Images and Iframe

Click Save Changes to save the settings.

Under File Optimization settings, enable the below:

  1. HTML Minify
  2. CSS Minify
  3. JS Minify
  4. Delay All JavaScript

Click Save Changes to save the settings.

Under Advanced Options, enable the below:

  1. Disable Emoji
  2. Host Files Locally (Google Fonts, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Gravatars)

Click Save Changes to save the settings.


I think Breeze is a great free option to the WPRocket paid plugin when it comes to website optimization and caching.

I recommend you install and set up the plugin as soon as possible on your website. It will help Google while indexing your pages.

And it will help you readers reach your pages faster.

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